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Regarding Books

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Founded in 2009, Kobo has grown into an exciting, evolving, and revolutionary force in eReading. What’s the secret to our success? Our philosophy: Read Freely.

What is Read Freely? Glad you asked!

Read Freely is GLOBAL. Kobo has long arms: our reach spans 4 continents, with access to over 100 million consumers. Let’s add them to our family — it’s 8-million strong, in over 170 countries, and growing.

Read Freely is DEVICE NEUTRAL. Kobo doesn’t believe in tying our customers down (what they do on their personal time is their business), that’s why we have apps for smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers in addition to our range of Kobo eReaders.

Read Freely is CHOICE. Kobo customers can buy Kobo eBooks and read them on other devices, borrow eBooks from local libraries, or upload eBooks from other retailers onto their Kobo eReader. And Kobo gives readers the FLEXIBILITY to jump from one to device to another, all without missing a word or losing their place.

Read Freely is CONTENT RICH. When it comes to eBooks, our cup runneth over. We’ve got relationships with thousands of publishers around the world, and we’re constantly adding to our already immense library of over 3 Million eBooks, as well as newspapers and magazines.

Kobo Inc.

- Over 3 Million eBooks including classics and bestsellers. PLUS over 1 Million FREE eBooks
- Kobo is active in over 170 countries with strategic retail partnerships across the globe
- All Kobo eReaders are WiFi enabled
- Our devices are compact, lightweight, and perfect for reading on-the-go
- All devices feature vivid, no-glare screens, print quality resolution, and seamless page turns
- Adjustable fonts and sizes to suit the user's unique needs
- Battery life up to 1 month. One charge will easily last an entire vacation
- Web, email, Facebook, music, video capability and over 15,000 free apps for Android™
- Superior Customer Service